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Sports Injuries

Sports-related injuries are not limited to competitive athletes, but also include sports enthusiasts, “weekend warriors,” and anyone who is physically active. Because everyone can be susceptible to orthopedic injuries and pain, Dr. Frisella is committed to providing the best orthopedic care to every athlete, whether part-time, beginner, student, or pro.

Sports-related shoulder injuries can require special care. Dr. Frisella has the expertise to care for these unique injuries and offers cutting-edge treatments to help preserve function and get you back to your game as quickly as possible. From sprains and strains to ligament injuries, tendon injuries, and dislocations, Dr. Frisella will expertly evaluate and treat your injuries.

For the surgical repair and non-surgical treatment of sports-related injuries in St. Charles County, call Dr. Frisella at (636) 229-4222 or request an appointment online.