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Shoulder Dislocations & Instability

Also known as a Bankart repair, shoulder stabilization procedures help patients who have injured the bony ball of the shoulder joint after it has been driven or pulled out of the socket. When a dislocation happens, either the ball will pop back into place on its own, or you might have to have a doctor or friend help put it back in place. Joint instability is most commonly caused by a traumatic injury.

Instability is the ongoing sensation of the shoulder continuing to slip out of socket after the initial injury. Each time it slips out of place, it takes less and less force to cause it to come out of place and will eventually cause you to have trouble completing normal daily activities. Alternatively, you may only feel the joint move out in certain positions, like with your arm overhead to throw a ball, and you will avoid that position to prevent the feeling that your shoulder will dislocate.

Injuries to the supporting structures that hold the bones centered and in the joint can heal improperly or in the wrong position after a dislocation. Stabilization surgery helps reposition these tendons and ligaments in the proper position to regain stability of the joint.

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